About Promise Inclusion - PINC

Formerly known as Wokingham, Bracknell and Districts Mencap
We are a local, independent registered charity, proudly supporting adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism, their parents, carers and their families.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Information
  • Carer and family support
  • Activities for children with learning disabilities and/or autism
  • Activities for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism
  • Support for siblings
  • Activities for carers
  • Campaigning on local and national issues

“ Thank you. You guys are awesome.  Thank you so much for everything over the past year.  It’s been a pleasure working with you! “

Our Values

Our values, along with our vision are central to all that we do and are actively displayed by every member of our community regardless of their position.

Local – Proud to work within the local community, we understand the needs of the local community and individuals. We have strong partnerships with other local organisations and we are always looking to work with local businesses to raise funds needed.

Dedicated – To listen to, understand and demonstrate compassion towards local and individual needs. Passionately dedicating ourselves to support and care for those with a learning disability/autism and their families.

SupportiveProviding a supportive environment for our employees, volunteers, individuals and families with opportunities to network, deliver support, improve lives and opportunities.

PassionateWe are passionate about people. Passionate about supporting individuals regardless of their ability or disability. Passionate about offering the best quality of life and every opportunity it presents.

Inclusion – Committed to providing positive opportunities and interactions within the local community, that value who you are, regardless of your ability.

Everything we do is focused on our aims, beliefs and values.

We are always open to new, innovative and exciting ideas and we strive to achieve exceptional standards in everything we do.

We believe that people with learning disabilities and/or autism have the right to:

  • Choose what they do and how they do it
  • Be involved in decisions about their lives
  • Learn and develop
  • Have opportunities for employment
  • Be involved in the local community
  • Respect for themselves and for what they can do

Can you help support our mission and deliver on the promise that ALL people matter?

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